Local Girl Seriously Injured in Fall from Cliffs at the ‘Blue Hole’ Swimming Spot


For many in our area, “The Blue Hole” near Albert Pike is a very popular place to hangout with friends and cool off in the baby blue water of the old Barite Mine in Montgomery County. Just because it can be a lot of fun, do not forget just how dangerous nature can be. Recently a local girl was injured in a jump from the cliffs into the cool water almost 40 feet below when she hit the rocks.

17-year-old Alyssa Akins of New Boston, Texas was at Albert Pike Saturday July the 2nd, with her mom, her brother and some other family and friends. They were cooking out and having fun swimming at The Blue Hole when they decided to add some risk to their fun by jumping off the cliffs into the water below.

bh helmet cam

Alyssa was about 40 ft up to jump, but at the last second before her leap she had second thoughts and hesitated. She jumped short and hit the rocks in shallow water and fractured her bottom 3 vertebrae. Luckily there were a couple of nurses camping there and helped take care of her until the the paramedics arrived. Alyssa was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Hot Springs, Arkansas where she has been undergoing treatment.

BH A Collage

Stills captured from video of Alyssa’s accident at The Blue Hole.

Every year there are a number of accidents at the popular swimming hole. We spoke to Allysa’s father Robert about Alyssa’s incident,

They said in the past month they have had 4 accidents and Alyssa’s was the most minor of the 4. This cliff is a bad spot. I was told this morning they had another accident Sunday evening not sure though.

bh alyssa in hospital

Doctors expect that Alyssa will make a full recovery but medical costs are mounting. Family and friends of Alyssa have created a gofundme.com account for Alyssa’s medical expenses.

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