Local Man Reported Missing in August Found Safe in Alabama


William Wallace was last seen on August 23, 2016 and reported missing by friends and co-workers. Wallace just up and disappeared with his dog from his home at Freedom RV Park in Little River County. Wallace was discovered safe in Dothan Alabama.

William Wallace was pulled over the other day in a routine traffic stop by law enforcement in Dothan, Alabama. He was driving his vehicle that was also reported missing and he had his dog with him. Wallace has a sister that lives in Georgia, and he told police in Alabama that he was on his way to visit her. However, his sister reports that she has had no contact with him and is furious at the way he just up and left Texarkana, leaving his friends and co-workers frantically searching for him with concerns for his welfare.

At the time Wallace went missing, many had concerns it may have involved fugitive Chris Whistle, who had been on the run from the law and hiding in the area.


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