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There are only a handful of live radio shows left in Texarkana, so it’s awesome to see one of the last “live deejays” in town continuing to serve the community like in the old days. Fabienne Thrash has a project she is putting together for groups gathering school supplies for the upcoming year!

It’s not unusual for KPGG 103.9 midday announcer Fabienne Thrash to ask the general public to give time, talents, donations, and money to various worthy public service projects. She has been on the air in Texarkana, live & local for decades. In a time when so many other shows in town are recorded or piped in from people in other cities and states, we enjoy listening to the local radio show she does every weekday from the studios on College Drive. In fact she is one of only two live local deejays on the radio in the middle of the day in Texarkana. Right now, Fabienne is asking groups and individuals to give her a little information, so that she can help with back to school supplies for area children.

When asked about her project she said,

“Every August, there are fine groups and organizations, who step up to collect school supplies for those children who can’t afford them. Really it’s the parents and grandparents who can’t afford them, for the children. It makes it tough, when there’s several kids in a household, and there’s not enough to go around.”

Fabienne acknowledges the great work of groups, such as the United Way of Greater Texarkana,

“They lead the charge, with their volunteers, in getting backpacks and basic items, with which to fill them. And there are some other organizations, too, that have come along, helping in their own neighborhoods and communities. For instance, some wonderful, anonymous soul in Maud has provided everything for every child in Maud ISD. Everything…except for nap mats and backpacks. Isn’t that amazing?”

Even with more caring people willing to help, Fabienne recognizes that the need has also increased,

Of course, there are families that these groups see annually. But you know, I have people who reach out to me, quietly, asking for help ‘for a family I know’…’our grandchildren, who came to live with us this year, and we’re on a fixed income’….’our children, because their dad is unemployed.’ They ask me who can help? And that’s what I’m in search of–answers for these folks, who really are very proud, and don’t want to ask…but they need the assistance.”

With that in mind, Thrash is asking any and all area club, groups, organizations, and church groups, to make her aware of your programs so that she can steer people in the right direction,

“If nothing else, I can get it on the air, they can hear me, and they can take care of their situation, quietly, and with a little dignity.”

To share your information with Fabienne for her radio show, please bring a flyer about your school supply-gathering or giving event to Fabienne Thrash at KOOL and KPGG Radio, 1323 College Drive in Texarkana Texas, or email fabe@ami-texarkana.com


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