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Authorities are searching for Charles Brooks Jr., 29, of Atlanta Tx. and Dallas, Tx., after he cut off his ankle monitor and fled. He is wanted for three felony charges, intent to cause bodily harm to a minor; aggravated robbery; and now tampering with an electronic monitoring device. In our opinion, Brooks never should have been out on bond!

Brooks was arrested on April 22, 2021, for beating two-year-old Blake Sampson, almost to death. He beat the child, left teeth marks on the boy… Blake suffers from a traumatic brain injury, chronic respiratory failure, seizure disorder, urethral trauma, and traumatic hemorrhage of the bilateral retina, all from what this man did to him. This child will require 24-hour care for the rest of his life.

Brooks comes from some old money, and has been able to avoid jail. Brooks has been arrested multiple times on charges of drug possession, aggravated robbery, and more. When the family hired the Buzbee Law Firm to represent little Blake, Brooks ran.

DFW police are asking for assistance in capturing Brooks. Call the Dallas Fort Worth Police or 911 if you know of his whereabouts. If you have additional information about the case call the Dallas DA’s office at 214-653-3600.


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