Raceway Killer Sentenced to Life in Prison and Additional 15 Years


Marvin Arrell Stanton of Texarkana Arkansas was found guilty in the murder of 22-year-old Jesse James Hamilton, and sentenced to life in prison, and 15 years for using a firearm in commission of a crime. The sentences will run consecutively.

Stanton shot and killed the young man for a parking place at the Raceway Store on Stateline Avenue on the night of September 25, 2015. Stanton and his biker friends had pulled into the convenience store parking lot where they like to gather around 10:30 that night. Hamilton was at the gas pumps where the men usually park their bikes, and about to leave when Stanton approached Hamilton, cussing and telling him to move. Hamilton and his passengers exited the truck. Stanton shoved the much smaller Hamilton against the truck and Hamilton began beating Stanton and embarrassing the big man in front of his friends. One of Stanton’f girlfriends, Emily Robinson separated the men, after the fight was apparently over Stanton pulled a .45 caliber handgun and shot Hamilton.

A Miller County Jury found Stanton guilty and he has been sentenced to Life in Prison and an additional 15 years for the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime.

Press release from September 26, 2015:

On Friday, September 25th, 2015 at about 10:30pm, in the 4100 block of North State Line Ave, there was a confrontation between Jesse James Hamilton and Marvin Stanton. The problem began when Stanton took issue with a parking spot Hamilton occupied when Stanton arrived with two other motorcyclists. According to multiple witnesses, Stanton first threatened Hamilton with a gun then after fighting with Hamilton for a brief time he pulled the weapon and shot Hamilton one time. Hamilton was taken to St. Michaels Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery and later died as a result of the injuries sustained in the shooting. Stanton was found at the shooting scene and arrested by Texarkana police. He was still in possession of the firearm believed to have been used in the assault at the time of his arrest. Stanton was initially charged with Battery 1st but the charge was later upgraded to Murder 1st following Hamilton’s death. Hamilton’s family was notified of his death shortly after he died around 3:00am this morning. Hamilton’s body is being sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for autopsy. The investigation will continue.

TXK Today reports that during the trial Stanton lost his temper multiple times while being cross examined, yelling and acting up towards the prosecuting attorneys. Stanton apparently has show no remorse for his actions, and will more than likely die behind bars.


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