Sheriff Warns Public of Recent ‘Jury Duty Scam’


Bowie County Sheriff Jeff Neal is warning the community of a recent incident of a “jury duty scam”. Check out the details here, but remember, the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office will never ask for payments over a Zoom call or the phone.

Press Release:

A Bowie County citizen received a phone call from 903-689-2243 this morning from someone purporting to be “Deputy David Biggar.” “Deputy Biggar” was calling to inform our citizen that she had missed jury duty and he had two citations for “Failure to Appear for Jury Duty” for her. In lieu of serving the citations, the caller advised that our citizen could get on a Zoom call with Judge Howell and pay $1000.00 per citation. Luckily, our citizen realized that something was wrong and sought validation of this information. In calling several offices she confirmed her suspicion that this is a scam. The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office does have an employee named David Biggar. He is the Captain of our Criminal Investigation Division. However, he has not called anyone about missing jury duty. The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office will never ask for payment over a Zoom call or the phone. This is an immediate sign that you are dealing with a scammer. If someone claims to be an employee of the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office and asks you for money over the phone, hang up on them and call our Office for verification. The phone number the scammer called from appears to be spoofed and is not a valid Bowie County Sheriff’s Office phone number. The phone numbers to the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office are 903-798-3149 and 903-628-6815. Lastly, Judge Howell’s Office does not collect fines or payments for missed jury duty.


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