T.T.P.D. Warns of New Twist on Old Scam


The Texarkana Texas Police are alerting the community to a phone scam reported to them this morning, where a person claimed to represent “Texarkana Police” and was seeking a credit card number to bond a relative from jail.

From Facebook:

A new twist on an old scam surfaced this morning.

A Texarkana, Texas resident received a call this morning from an individual at 702-441-0962 (which was likely spoofed). The caller told her that her son was in jail as the result of being in an accident which caused the death of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. The caller then told her that they were with the Texarkana Police Department and needed her credit card number for her son’s bond.

Obviously, the Texarkana Police Department – or any other legitimate law enforcement agency – would never call asking anyone for a credit card number like this. It’s a SCAM. Just hang up the phone.


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