Texarkana Police Searching for Sex Toy Bandits


The Texarkana Texas Police are seeking two suspects in recent shoplifting thefts at Cindie’s Adult Novelty Store on Stateline Avenue. If you have information on the location of James Duppstadt and Joel Maris contact TTPD at 903.798.3116.

Media Release:

We’ve got theft warrants for James Duppstadt and Joel Maris after they made at two trips to Cindie’s in the last few weeks and left without paying for several… uh… “items”.
In each instance, they would wait until the employee was helping someone and then start shoving merchandise in their pants. The thefts were only noticed after the men had left the store and an employee found empty boxes hidden on the shelves. When they then went back and looked at the surveillance video, they discovered that the whole thing had been captured on camera. Between the two visits that we know about, they managed to walk out the door with almost $550 worth of stuff.
Guess they thought they were being pretty slick but they didn’t quite think it all the way through. You see… Maris went to the counter and paid for a small purchase before he left the store – all the while having stolen items hidden in his pants.
Now this is where it gets good… He had them scan his rewards card so it could get credit for the purchase. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Of course, all his personal information was attached to the rewards card so it was just a matter of doing some quick checking to figure out who he was. From there, it was almost as easy to figure out who Duppstadt is.
If you know where they we can find them, please give us a call at 903-798-3116 and let us know.

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