Texarkana Police Step Up DWI Patrols for Labor Day Weekend


The Texarkana Texas Police Department will ramp up DWI patrols for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Remember that the least drunk member or your party should NOT be your designated driver!

Press Release:

The Texarkana Texas Police Department will increase patrols to arrest people who drive while intoxicated during the upcoming Labor Day holiday.

In addition to enhanced enforcement efforts with increased DWI patrol throughout the long holiday weekend, the Texarkana Texas Police Department is focusing on the issue of impaired driving by encouraging people to save a life by making a plan to get home safely before enjoying parties where drinking may occur.

Traffic Sergeant Billy McAnally said, “Unfortunately, a designated driver is usually chosen during the night and is often picked because they are the ‘least drunk’ person in the group.  The designated driver should be completely sober.  That’s why we believe it’s so important to plan ahead while you can.  Everyone should drive sober and always buckle up.”

The Texarkana Texas Police Department asks people to plan ahead for their ride home before the parties begin.  Drivers arrested for DWI could face up to $17,000 in fines, fees, and could lose their license.


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