Texarkana Police Warn of Fake News Website Scams of Facebook


The Texarkana Police are speaking out regarding recent links shared on Facebook that appears to be legitimate news stories but they’re NOT legitimate sites and are spam ads!


The Texarkana Texas Police issued this statement via Social Media:

We just saw this post on what would appear at first glance to be a legitimate news site in Texarkana. However, it is a complete fake that is obviously trying to cause alarm. There was no shooting today. No police officers were injured or killed. No suspects were killed. The SWAT Team was not called out to storm a house. Absolutely nothing they have said here is true.

Please help us get the word out about this fake site and story before it causes any more panic than it already has.

As always, trust only reputable news sources that you know. If you see something that you are not sure about, you can always ask us here.

As you may have seen these posts are coming up listed as different news sites…

news scam Collage



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