Three Texarkana Women Arrested for Stupidity over Weed


Three Texarkana women were busted recently for something so crazy that it sounds like it’s right out of the movies. These women allegedly busted into a house, threatened to shoot up the place, and kidnap kids over weed… just see the media release…

Before we get into what the police say about it… this type of behavior, over weed?!?!?

That’s all I had to add…

Media Release:

We arrested three women last Friday morning after they forced their way into a house in the 1600 block of Harlem Street looking for another woman.

Shynia Coleman, Rakeathia Collins, and Dequanhdra Harper showed up at the house about 10:42 that morning armed with a pistol. However, the victim had gotten word that they were coming and snuck out the back of the house minutes before, leaving her children and cousin behind. Once inside the house, they demanded to know where the victim was and then, when they realized that she wasn’t there, threatened to shoot up the house and kidnap the children if she didn’t immediately return. She called 911 instead.

While the women initially tried to tell us that they’d were all good friends and had been invited into the house to just hang out, we eventually learned that they’d actually gone to the house to get back some marijuana that one of them had left with the victim earlier in the week. The victim was supposed to have delivered it to someone else but apparently got scared and decided to get rid of it instead. When they figured out that the marijuana never showed up, they came back looking for it. We also recovered two pistols there that the three women brought with them.

All three women were arrested at the scene for Burglary with Intent to Commit Another Felony and transported to the Bi-State Jail. They have all since been released after each posting a $20,000 bond.


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