TTPD Shares Information from Fentanyl Arrest on Bowie Street


The Texarkana Texas Police Department has shared some information on a drug bust that turned up hundreds of fentanyl-laced pills sent straight from a Mexican drug cartel.

Media Release:

Fentanyl is easily the most dangerous and scary drug out there on the streets right now. Even a small amount of it can be fatal. Tragically, we’ve seen way too many overdoses and deaths as a result of it right here in our own community. It doesn’t discriminate based on sex, race, age, socio-economic status, or anything else. Quite frankly, it doesn’t care who you are.

Our narcotics investigators are working hard to try to fight back against this epidemic. Here’s just one example:

After getting information that a man was reportedly selling pills laced with the drug from a house in the 500 block of Bowie Street, they started checking into it. They learned that the information was accurate and eventually had enough evidence to request a judge to issue a search warrant. When they served that warrant for 31-year-old Deneeko Shavers’ house last July, they found approximately 300 counterfeit pills containing Fentanyl and two pounds of marijuana. Shavers was arrested that day and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

But the investigation didn’t stop with his arrest. They continued to work to pursue all the leads and identify any other people involved. They later determined that Shavers had ties with a Mexican drug cartel that was supplying him with the fentanyl laced pills. We also found evidence that showed that he was having thousands of pills shipped to him from Mexico.

Yesterday, Shavers pleaded guilty to the POCS charge and was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

This case started with a simple tip from someone in the community reaching out to us with their suspicions – and ultimately ended with us being able to close down a substantial conduit through which Fentanyl was being brought into Texarkana. Thank you to that person cared enough to say something. There’s no doubt that you saved more than a few lives when you did that.
If you have any information about Fentanyl sales, please give us a call directly or share it with Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers.

Deneeko Shavers, 31


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