Bowie County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Active Phone Scammer


B.C.S.O. Chief Deputy Jeff Neal has issued a warning to the public regarding a recent phone scammer that claims to be with the Sheriff’s Department. The number that has been associated with this scam, 903.949.3089, appears to be spoofed, and is actually originating from outside of the United States.

Press Release:

The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office has been informed that someone is calling citizens from phone number 903.949.3089 and claiming to be Deputy Gamble with the Bowie County Sheriff’s Department. This thief is attempting scam citizens by saying he is collecting money for alleged outstanding warrants. The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office does not collect any fees over the telephone or internet. If someone calls you claiming to be a deputy of this office to collect money, simply hang up on them. Although these phone numbers appear to be local sometimes, most of these calls are coming from outside of the United States. The telephone numbers that appear to be local are simply being spoofed. Please do not give these criminals any money, because if you do there is no way to reclaim it. We are currently working to identify this perpetrator and he is aware of our ongoing investigation. However, this has not completely curtailed his activities.
Press Release Prepared by :
Chief Deputy Jeff Neal

Follow this link for Information to Avoid Phone Scams


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