Judge Orders Pup at Center of Abuse Case to Not Be Returned to Owner


Texarkana Texas Municipal Court Judge Sherry Jackson has ruled that “Lady”, the pup at the center of an animal abuse case that came from a posted video on Facebook that went viral, not be returned to her owner.

In a hearing today, Judge Jackson ruled that the dog will not be returned to the owner. The Texarkana Police shared an update on the case through their Facebook Page.

Judge Sherry Jackson ruled today that Lady would not be returned to her owner, citing concerns that the owner would not be able to provide for the longterm care and upkeep of the dog.

The City is working to find a longterm rehabilitation plan for Lady.

The owner has 10 days to appeal the judge’s decision.

Pictured is Animal Control Director Mashell Daniel as she answers questions from City Attorney Deborah Jones during the hearing.

LeGus Holloway, 69, of Texarkana Texas remains in custody at the Bi-State Jail. Holloway is charged with Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals, which is a felony.  Bond has been set at $75,000.


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