Local Pastor Released from Custody on $25,000 Bail


A local church pastor has been released from jail on a $25,000 bond. 41-year-old David Farren appeared before Circuit Judge Brent Haltom Thursday morning and was release from the Miller County Jail after noon.

David Farren, Pastor of Anchor Church Texarkana was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with first degree sexual assault off of an accusation that he had engaged in sexual misconduct with a teen girl. The alleged misconduct is to have occurred at a private residence when Farren was acting as a Youth Minister at a different church, and did not occur on any church’s property.

Judge Haltom set bail at $25,000. Haltom also ordered police and the D.A. office to remain silent on the case. Prosecuting Attorney Connie Mitchell requested that Farren have no contact with females under the age of 18. Farren’s attorney, Jason Horton, requested that Farren be allowed contact with females under the age of 18 with another adult present, and Judge Haltom agreed to Horton’s request.

Farren will return to court on August 16. The investigation into the accusation continues.



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