Off-duty TTPD Officer Makes Arrest in Central Mall Parking Lot


An off-duty Texarkana Texas Police officer made an arrest in the parking lot of Central Mall after hearing a woman’s screams for help after she had been robbed.

Media Release:

An off-duty officer made an arrest yesterday when he walked up on a robbery right after it happened.

Officer Aaron Jones and his father-in-law were going shopping in Central Mall on his day off. As they were about to go inside, they heard a woman screaming nearby in the parking lot and they both ran in her direction to find out what was going on. She pointed to a man walking away from her and said that he’d just stolen her cell phone. Aaron told the guy that he was a police officer and to stop, but did he listen. Nope. He took off running instead – with Aaron right behind him. He was able catch up with 33-year-old Roy MacDonald just before he got into his car and grabbed hold of him. Aaron got punched in the mouth, but was able to pin MacDonald until a mall security officer arrived a couple minutes later and they could get him handcuffed.

MacDonald was arrested for Robbery and booked into the Bi-State Jail. A judge set his bond at $75,000 this morning.

Great job, Officer Jones!


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