PawPaw’s Popsicle Project Gets Lots of Attention on Stateline


Robin Dozier received a call Sunday evening from his dad, Ronny Lindsey, telling him that he was going to make a popsicle for his grandkids and to bring them by the shop at 2015 N. Stateline the following day. Well, since then a bunch of people have been stopping by the shop and taking pictures of “PawPaw’s popsicle”. 

Robin Dozier sent us some pics of the process and told us about his dad’s plans for his grandkids,

He called me last night telling me he was making popsicles for the kids and to bring them to his shop. I laughed bc he is always coming up with something silly. He ‘setup’ his popsicle maker by stretching his water hose across his parking lot and up the ladder to spray water on his sign. Some of his popsicles are 16ft! He has had people stopping and turning around to take pics of his ice. He has had many calls to make him aware of his water leak. lol. He is my dad and a great silly Paw Paw just wanting to entertain his grandkids. He will keep adding to it as longs as it freezes up.



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