Proud of Our Police in Texarkana [PHOTOS]


We wanted to take a moment to say how proud we are of our Police officers in Texarkana, U.S.A.! So often we see cheers, kudos, and thanks posted on social media for members of all of our local law enforcement agencies, that we just wanted to share a few of the most recent posts…

Recently these photos were posted on Facebook…

We went to see Zootopia on Friday evening. It was about a little bunny that wanted to be a police officer to make the world a better place. When we walked out, this officer was letting children look in his vehicle and handing out stickers and badges. It was so sweet, to see him interacting with the children and answering their questions. Such a good ending to Riggs’ night. ???? Thank you Brent Hobbs for being a good role model for kids!


This photo was posted to the comments of the pic after it was share by the TTPD Facebook Page

I second that.. Texarkana police are THE BEST… not sure who this officer is but they were on a call out here and he took the time to entertain my son to… we have future policemen.


We often see the same type of posts for our Texarkana Arkansas Police officers also…

Cheers to all the police officers ( sorry, only was able to snap a quick photo of this man) for the funeral escort and respect given to our family yesterday. As a daughter of a police officer, I know the hard job they and their families go through to serve their communities. It does not go unnoticed.


Take the time to recognize our men and women with the police departments on both sides of Stateline, thank a cop. Share this post and show your support.

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