Stabbing Reported on Texarkana School Bus


A student has reportedly been stabbed on a T.I.S.D. School Bus this morning just before 8:00 a.m. 

It is reported that a student was stabbed on a school bus this morning. The student has been taken to a local hospital and we have not received word on the students condition.

The case is being investigated by the T.I.S.D. Police Department. Texarkana Independent School District Public Information Officer Tina Veal Gooch said,

The incident occurred this morning at 7:50 on bus #587 neat the intersection of 22nd and Hazel Streets. There were 25 students, all High School students on board the bus at the time. The altercation was between 3 female students. 1 student was stabbed 4 times and was transferred to St. Michael’s with non-life threatening wounds. 1 student was arrested and she has been charged with aggravated assault. The other student involved in the fight is being questioned and additional arrests may happen. T.I.S.D. Police discovered a basic pocket knife on the bus. The other students on bus #587 were transferred to another bus and taken to a secondary location for questioning, and the students were searched in an effort to make sure there were no other weapons that may have been involved. It seems that the attack on the student may have been planned, but the investigation continues.

This is a developing story… we will update info as we receive it.


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