T.A.P.D. Corporal Kristi Bennett Named Winner of ‘Silent Wilbur Award’


The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department issued a statement late Wednesday afternoon announcing that T.A.P.D. Corporal Kristi Bennett has received the 2016 Silent Wilbur Award.

From the TAPD Facebook Page:

Congratulations to Corporal Kristi Bennett Winner of the Silent Wilber Award from the Officers & Civilian Staff at TAPD. !!!!!!

For those of you who knew Wilbur Smith, you will remember that “Silent Smith” was his Rotary badge moniker — and that was definitely tongue in cheek! There are lots of people in our community who, although they may not be known to everyone, are making an impact beyond what is ordinary. The Silent Smith Award looks to the heart of giving, into the heart of those who gives, and is to recognize those “quiet” Wilbur Smiths who are sometimes in the forefront, but more often than not, serve from the background. A leader at heart, the Silent Smith recipient is someone who can bring people together, motivate our communities, and get things done, and this year’s recipient has done just that.

Cpl. Kristi Bennett serves as the Public Information/Education Officer for Texarkana Police Department and is active in our community promoting the Police Department and City of Texarkana, Arkansas. She serves on a number of committees and boards advocating for the youth in our city.

Corporal Bennett joined TAPD in 2005 serving over 11 years with TAPD. She holds a Masters Degree from SAU – Magnolia working in the Services Division at TAPD. We are very proud of her accomplishments working quietly behind the scenes making Texarkana a safe place, to live work, and raise a family.

TAPD Administration

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