Texarkana Police Investigating Deadly Batch of Synthetic Marijuana


The Texarkana Texas Police Department is investigating a case of synthetic marijuana that has been linked to seven overdoses and at least two deaths. If you have any information please contact TTPD at 903.798.3116.

This is becoming an extreme problem in Texarkana lately, the use of synthetic marijuana, often called K2. It turns out to be one of those “edge of the law” things in Texas, but local authorities are making great strides at addressing the problem.

Media Release:

There have been at least seven overdoses from synthetic marijuana (K2) – including two deaths – in the Texarkana area in the last few days. We’re working hard to figure out where this tainted batch came from before someone else dies.

Synthetic marijuana (which is not marijuana at all) is a very dangerous drug already. We always strongly encourage everyone to steer completely clear of it – but that is especially important right now.


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