Thieves Target Community Garden Boxes at LifeHouse Outreach Center


Some thief or thieves stole the community garden boxes that were located at the LifeHouse Outreach Center in Texarkana, Arkansas. The boxes were to be used by area children in a project with Texarkana Master Gardner’s and other volunteers. Do you have information?

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has made this plea to the public:

ATTENTION Texarkana!!!! The pictures you see below are of garden boxes built yesterday at the LifeHouse Outreach Center. These boxes were built for the children of the community to fill with vegetables and fruits. With the help of Texarkana Master Gardner’s and several other volunteers a community garden was started yesterday. This community garden was going to be grown and maintained by our children of this community. Our children were going to be taught crucial life lessons of hard work, patience, and the value of good healthy food.

But as of now that will not happen! Why you ask? Because someone took it upon themselves to steal these boxes last night. For whatever reason, they made the decision to steal from this community, our children, an outreach center, and Jesus.

We would hope that this person or persons, would see this and understand that they have taken the foundation of a great community project and return it to where it belongs.




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