Vero’s Latino Store to Host Fundraiser for Olalde Family Funeral Services on May 28


On May 23, 2023, tragedy struck in Nash Texas with the loss of Reuben Olalde, his wife, and two of his children were murdered. Diana Olalde, Reuben’s older daughter survived and needs our help.

Reuben was a real good man. He lived next door to one of my best good friends for years and was really good to him in his final days a couple of years back. He was always first to help my friend with his lawn, fixed a leak in his roof… and wouldn’t take a solitary penny for it. To hear of this whole thing with him and his family is just so sad and heartbreaking.

Reuben’s oldest daughter, Diana, has set up a GO FUND ME PAGE to help raise money for her family’s funeral services. There will also be a huge event at Vero’s Latino Store on New Boston Road on Sunday, May 28 with all proceeds going towards funeral services for the family.

Vero’s will have a special event on the 28th with vendors of many specialties, merchants, entertainment, and more…


Sunday, May 28th, 2023, the Hispanic Community will held a Bazaar from 11:00am-5:00pm at Vero’s Even Center , located at 2108 New Boston Rd. We will be selling street tacos, cup ofp fresh fruit, drinks, candies and desserts.
100% of the money will go to their funeral fund.
For more information you can call:
Juan Bustamante
Veronica Hernandez
Olivia Hernandez


Hi, I am Diana and I am fundraising for my family’s funeral services. On 5/23/2023 my world changed. My whole family my father who was a hard working man, my mother who was a caring and loving person, my sister who was full of life, happiness, and dreams, and my little brother who was an amazing, funny, and cheerful kid passed in a tragic turn events that even in my worst nightmare I couldn’t have dreamed. If these people ever touched your life in anyway please help and donate. Prayers would be much appreciated as well.
Hola, Me llamo Diana y estoy haciendo una recaudación de fondos para los servicios funerarios de mi familia en cual perdieron la vida el día 23 de Mayo, 2023 que cambio totalmente mi mundo por completo. Toda mi familia mi papá Rubén quien era un hombre trabajador, mi mamá Aida que era una mujer amorosa y cariñosa quien daba la vida por nosotros mi hermanita Lisbet Lizz como le gustaba que le dijiéramos quien estaba llena de vida de felicidad y de sueños mi hermanito Oliver que era un niño tan alegre perdieron la vida ese día un día donde se convirtió en una pesadilla para mi así que Yo les pido de favor si me pueden ayudar a donar algo lo que sea se los agradecería con todo el corazón. Y les pido que nos tengan en sus oraciones en todo momento.por favor

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