2-Foot Drawdown Planned for Millwood Lake


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has approved a 2-foot drawdown at Millwood Lake to make various concrete repairs on boat ramps, and other maintenance work.

In a Media Release from Millwood Lake Guide Service:

According to most recent information we received this week from our contacts at USACE, Millwood Lake just got approved for 2’ drawdown beginning 15 September 2021. The 2′ drawdown for various repairs to concrete structures around Millwood like Beards Bluff, shoreline and erosion abatement, boat ramps, and other maintenance work, will last until 01 October, or when contract and concrete work is completed. Use extreme caution during navigation on Millwood Lake during drawdown conditions when stumps, hazardous obstructions, and timber will be at or near surface pool. Message or call us if you get stranded or need help anytime. For more information on the drawdown, contact the USACE Millwood Project Office at 870-898-4533.


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