2019 ‘Sparks in the Park’ Traffic Details [VIDEO]


Our good friend, Les Munn with the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department stopped by to give us the details on this year’s traffic plan for the Sparks in the Park event at the Four States Fairgrounds on June 29, 2019.

Here is the official traffic plan press release…

Saturday, June 29th, is the annual “Sparks in the Park” event which will be held at the
Four States Fairgrounds. Over 30,000 people are expected to attend the event. Due to
the new roadway configuration around the Four States Fairgrounds, The Texarkana
Arkansas Police Department would like to inform all patrons of the upcoming traffic
plans in order to make everyone’s experience as pleasant as possible. All drivers and
patrons are reminded that Police Officers will be working traffic on city streets and
highways so please be attentive to their instructions for their safety and yours. Speed
limits on Four States Parkway have been reduced. No firearms will be permitted on the
Vehicles may ENTER the Fairgrounds parking area the following ways:
1. From the north: Four States Parkway and on E 50 th St.
2. From the south: Arkansas Blvd to Frontage Road /Parkway Dr. north, then onto E
50 th Street.
3. All vehicles dropping off passengers or otherwise leaving will be directed onto Clay
Pit Rd and ultimately exit from E 46 th St. onto Four States Parkway, south or directly
across the parkway.
The Four States Fair will provide personnel to direct vehicles on where to park
once they have entered the parking areas around the fairgrounds.
Additionally, it is recommended for all patrons to arrive as early as possible to ensure
that you will arrive in time to see the display. Traffic exiting from I30 will be given
priority to avoid traffic congestion on the interstate. Again, all drivers need to be
attentive to officers working on the roadway directing traffic and expect delays due to
excessive amounts of vehicle traffic after 8:30pm. All traffic laws and parking will be
strictly enforced. No one will be allowed to illegally park vehicles on city streets and
roadways. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Any Vehicle
parked improperly inside the park area may be blocked in by other vehicles and will not
be able to exit until the end of the event. TAPD encourages everyone NOT to park in
the park area and to use the designated parking areas only.
The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department wants to wish everyone a safe holiday
weekend and to assure them that we will be doing our best to ensure the safety of all
Thank you and you can visit the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department online at

We thought that reading that was a little confusing, so Corporal Munn stopped in and helped us with a video to maybe make your experience in the traffic this weekend a bit less stressful…

Traffic Instructions for Sparks in the Park 2019

Our friend, Corporal Les Munn shows us how traffic will probably, or maybe work at the 2019 Sparks in the Park get together at the Fairgrounds.

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