2021 Christmas Tree Challenge in Downtown Texarkana – Details


For me, last year’s Christmas Tree Challenge in downtown Texarkana was a real highlight for the season, and this year is going to be even bigger and better with a lot more trees. So everybody that was disappointed last year because it was sold out… GET YOUR TREE NOW!

In 2020 everybody was still trying to figure out political science and pandemics. Most everyone had to make some changes and a lot of people were scared or at least concerned… or that’s my take on it. For us, when the Christmas Tree Village next to Crossties in downtown Texarkana lit up, it really was kind of, well, special. Folks took their Children and pandemic or not Santa Claus was there to visit with them, and there really was a lot of Christmas Joy in just being there. (There was a big wind that came thru with a weather front one day that blew decorations all over the place, but the mess was “pretty”).

For 2021 there will be more trees, a lot of folks were disappointed when they were sold out last year, so be quick to get yours. This challenge is open to EVERYBODY! Businesses, churches, civic groups, non-profits, individuals… anybody. Sponsor your Christmas Tree for $150, and decorate it how you like. Electricity will be provided. All are encouraged to reserve your trees now, decorate as soon as you can for more exposure, hopefully by the Christmas Parade on December 6 and remain on display through Christmas. Reserve your tree now by calling or texting 870.648.5009.

Our local judges will determine the top trees of the bunch with the “BEST TREE” receiving a grand prize of the full “Crossties Venue” for a night. Have a concert, a family reunion, wedding, company party… anything you like, it’s a $3,500 value.

The top trees will be published on TexarkanaFYI.com on Wednesday, December 15.

Proceeds benefit the “Hold on to Your Britches Foundation”, a local non-profit created to provide Christmas to underprivileged kids in our area that law enforcement officers get to know over the year.


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