2021 Texarkana Christmas Parade Scheduled for Monday December 6


The 37th Annual Main Street Texarkana downtown Christmas Parade will happen at 7:00 pm in downtown Texarkana on Monday, December 6, 2021. The theme for this year’s parade will be “The 12 Days of Christmas” and all parade entries must be lighted.

The 2021 Parade has so many folks excited, we here at FYI can hardly wait. The Camels will return and the big Elf himself is the special guest bringing up the rear like almost every year before 2020.

2021 brings only a few changes. Applications for Parade Entries can be picked up at the Chamber of Commerce on Stateline Avenue, at Logan Electric on Broad Street, or online at mainstreettexarkana.org. Applications to be in the parade need to be submitted at the Logan Electric Store located at 208 E. Broadstreet in Texarkana, Arkansas.

The theme for 2021 is “The 12 Days of Christmas”. All entries must be lighted. No candy may be thrown from Parade Entries for safety reasons. No Santa suits or life-size depictions of Santa are allowed… (He’s the guest at the end of the Parade)!

We had the opportunity to meet and talk about the parade, and growth downtown, with Ms. Ina…


Monday, December 6, 2021        7:00pm      

“12 Days of Christmas” – ALL ENTRIES MUST BE LIGHTED!

The following guidelines have been established by the Parade Committee to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for everyone.  If you have any questions, please call 903-792-7191, or, Email: mainstreet@texarkana.org.


  1. Submission of an application does not ensure a place in the parade. Entries accepted will be notified by mail/email with parade night information the week before the parade.  Please watch for your notice.  It will be sent to the contact information provided on your application!
  2. The Parade Committee reserves the right to refuse any application that is not deemed appropriate for this family-oriented event, or is incomplete. (We love pictures, if you can.)
  3. The 2021 parade is ELECTRIC! Meaning that all floats, units, cars, etc. must be lighted!!
  4. Entries are encouraged to follow the theme and decorate accordingly. PLEASE BE MINDFUL THAT THIS PARADE IS FOR FAMILIES & CHILDREN.  Toy guns are not acceptable.
  5. No motorcycles or loud automobiles!
  6. No cars less than 40 years old. And, those in the “antique” category should be “lighted.”
  7. No horses (because of Santa’s candy).
  8. No other walking animals unless PERMISSION has been issued by Parade Committee.
  9. No candy may be thrown during the parade (safety). However, it may be handed out.
  10. No Santa suits or life-size depictions of Santa Claus are allowed. Main Street Texarkana’s “Santa” will take his usual place at the end of the parade.  (Eliminates confusion for kids.)
  11. Each entry must display signs/banners large and bold so TV commentators can easily read.
  12. Your Parade Number MUST be visible – either on the left side or in front left window.
  13. All entries are encouraged to be entertaining: clowning, performing a street routine, handling a giant inflatable, or using creative costumes.  Remember the theme! AND LIGHTS!
  14. If you must cancel, please call as early as possible so line-up can be adjusted.


First, Second, and Third Place awards will be given in the following divisions:
NON-COMMERCIAL/NON-PROFITS:   Schools, churches, civic organizations, non-profits
COMMERCIAL:   Businesses of all types
MUSIC:   All types of marching units (Junior High; Middle School; High School; Drum Corps; Tubas; etc.)

APPLICATION:  DEADLINE is Wednesday, November 24, 2021(Thanksgiving weekend)

  1. All entry forms must include: a) CLEARLY written/typed description which is informative and complete.  B)  ALL information filled out.  C)  Donation of $20.  (Thank you!)

NOTE:  Again, so sorry, but entries that cannot be read because of handwriting, or are incomplete, cannot be accepted.  This is the info that will be used to accept or reject an entry, as well as by parade commentators for television.

  2. MAIL:  “Christmas Parade”  P.O. Box 631, Texarkana TX  75504
  3. EMAIL: mainstreet@texarkana.org
  4. DELIVER: Logan Electric, 208 E. Broad St., Downtown, Texarkana TX

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