5-8-2020 Update – COVID 19 Numbers Continue to Improve for Texarkana Area


The updated numbers for the Texarkana Region are holding steady with no new positive COVID 19 cases reported this afternoon, but recoveries continue to rise, and that’s great.

Last reported, Bowie County remains at 105 overall Covid-19 cases, 68 recoveries. and 10 deaths. Cass County reports 20 total cases, with 15 recovered. Miller County has 35 total cases, and 27 of those have recovered.

This is good. As the economy opens back up and more and more people will be coming in contact with each other most everyone expects the numbers to climb, so CDC guidelines of handwashing, social distancing, and masks are encouraged to prevent transmission of COVID-19, among other illnesses.

Even though COVID-19 numbers are holding steady, it is not all good news. Speaking with officials at our local hospitals, Texarkana is seeing a spike in hospitalizations. This is in effect to many people avoiding the hospitals with medical needs out of concern for COVID-19. That means some people that should have come to see their Doctor for heart issues, diabetes, or other illnesses have in some cases waited almost too late.

If you are ill, COVID or not, see a physician, please?


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