8-11-2021 COVID 19 Update from the Bowie County Health Authority


We spoke with Dr. Matt Young, the Bowie County Health Authority, after today’s joint operations center meeting to discuss the current situation for our region regarding COVID 19 and local hospitals.

In the nutshell, we are in a real tough spot. Dr. Young explains simply that it is a crisis situation, but unlike the beginning of the pandemic, now we have enough protective equipment, medicines, and such, but along with a shortage of hospital beds, it is a matter of not enough qualified staffing also.

Frankly, a lot of the nurses, x-ray techs, respiratory folks, and others have left the acute care setting. That means, our local hospitals are not only at capacity with COVID 19 patients but also critically understaffed. The call is out to all qualified candidates, if you are looking for work in a hospital setting, they are definitely needing you in Texarkana.


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