Abandoned Dogs at Property in Miller County Need Your Help


Local Rescues are turning to the public looking for help in the rescue of 10 dogs that were left abandoned at a dilapidated property in Miller County. Local Rescues are at limits with recent efforts to relieve overcrowding at the Shelter. 

Owners of property in Miller Co Arkansas have abandoned 10 dogs with no food or water. 7 are adults and 3 are puppies.

Neighbors have been feeding and reaching out for help for these animals for some time. When she has asked the local rescues for help, they have all declined to take the dogs, but only one has stepped up to offer food to help make sure they are fed. The Miller County Sheriff Dept has been assisting in caring for the animals, however with no money budgeted to send them to the shelter, and the shelter stating they can’t take them because the resources are exhausted there. Several people are organizing a food drive and networking to get them homes.

This is a disastrous situation and we need food donations to help them until, hopefully, the Calvary comes to help get them to safety.

Please contact Jeff Tarpley Rescue to donate food for these poor dogs. You can call him at (903) 490-2959.


Photos via Amber Waggoner Ferguson


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