Answer to Mysterious ‘Booms’ Being Heard and Felt in the Area


Well, there really isn’t much mystery in the “mysterious booms” being heard and in some cases felt across the area over the last couple of weeks. Here is the answer to your mystery.

Red River Army Depot is located near Hooks, Texas and the property the government has there is in the tens of thousands of acres.

Over the years a number of companies and contractors have worked on, neighboring, or near the giant facility.

Today, (02/07/2020), the TTPD made a Facebook post stating that they had received many calls regarding the “booms” being heard and that it was Ordnance Detonations at Red River Army Depot. When we called and spoke to an official at the Depot, they told us that it was a contractor, XPO, at D&Z, the old Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant.

Well, after our phone call Red River Army Depot posted this:

We have received several calls and messages about explosions around our depot today, and we understand your concern; however, this is not us. According to TexAmericas and Day and Zimmerman, there will be detonations occurring by contractors through next week on the Day and Zimmerman (previously Lone Star) property.

Yes, there is a difference in D&Z (old LSAAP), and TexAmericas, and Red River… seems like it’s just one big fence around all of them and maybe where a lot of the confusion about what is what out there comes from. Over the decades living here, no matter what company you meant, all of them were just referred to as “Red River”.

Never the less, the booms you are hearing are explosions. Old, questionable, or for whatever reason, ammunition is being disposed of on parts of that big old swath of land… “Red River”.


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