Arkansas Game & Fish Rescues Texarkana Group of Nine from River


A group of Texarkana residents were rescued by Arkansas Game & Fish agents over the weekend after the group of adults and children spent the night stuck in their boats stranded on a sandbar where Little River feeds into Red River.

It is reported that a group of adults and children were enjoying a Saturday evening of fishing when their boat became stuck on a sandbar in Red River. The group called a friend who attempted to pull the other boat free, and both became stuck. A call was made to Texarkana Police, who then contacted Miller County officers. Miller County then contacted Hempstead county and they called in they turned the search for the group over to Arkansas Game & Fish Agents. Officers from all of these agencies were on scene.

A search was launched from Allen’s Ferry near Fulton, Arkansas around 3:30 a.m. heading south towards Red River. The searchers returned with the lost party near 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning. It is reported that rescuers were able to free one of the boats but that one had to be left stuck on the sandbar.

(Hempstead Herald)


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