Arkansas High Defeats Texas High in Crosstown Rivalry [VIDEO]


Still one of the most famous high school football rivalries in the country, Arkansas High got the victory over cross-town rival Texas High, 7 to 0. Here are highlights from the game.

We think that KLFI-TV does an awesome job with television coverage locally. They will hit different home games at local high schools this year, along with many other events and activities in the community. They will be posting the game in its entirety on their YouTube Channel.

Here are their highlights from the Texas High Vs. Arkansas High game played on September 8, 2017.

The legendary “Battle of the Border” showdown took place at Arkansas High’s newly renovated Razorback Stadium as they hosted the cross town Rival series record holder, the Texas High Tigers.

The Razorbacks ran the ball all the way to the redzone by the end of the first quarter, with #25 getting the ball inches away from the six points.

With the beginning of the second quarter starting with a touchdown quarterback keeper, and the extra point tacked on by the versatile #4, the Razorbacks jumped ahead of the Texas High Tigers in what would be the only score of the game, claiming the victory in a formidable defensive shootout from both sides of the stadium.

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