Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission Approves Final Rules


The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission has approved a final set of rules on how businesses will be allowed to grow and sell medical cannabis in Arkansas.

The rules were approved by the commission on Tuesday and the next step will be to open the rules up for public comment. The new rules have to be adopted no later than May 8. Commissioners are expected to hold another hearing on Friday, March 31.

Back in December of 2016, the commission decided to allow 32 medical cannabis dispensaries and five grow facilities. The commission will be the deciders for those applying for dispensaries or to operate cultivation facilities. Those properly licensed through the state will be allowed to grow up to 50 mature plants.
If you decide to apply to be a grower, the application cost alone is $15,000. If you are denied, you will get $7,500 back from that. If your application is accepted it will be another $100,000 per year in licensing fees.
For those that wish to operate dispensaries without growing marijuana will pay an annual licensing fee of $2,500. Dispensaries that also cultivate the medical cannabis will have an annual licensing fee of $25,000.


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