Awesome Aerial Footage of Texarkana [VIDEO]


Our friend Eric Etheridge has produced a new drone video of Texarkana and it is awesome!

Eric has the photography business Eric’s Extreme Video and he is always working to improve his craft. He just recently completed this new aerial video of Texarkana.

“During the short Wedding offseason I have been able to work on this drone project. It is a sequel to the Texarkana Drone Video I made in 2014. That video was more of a comprehensive aerial view of Texarkana. A view of the city most people had never seen before. In this video I focus more on light, composition, color symmetry and unique angles. The video quality of my newer drone is so much better than the older one and my piloting skills have improved as well. Simply getting up high in the sky and getting an aerial view is no longer enough to “WOW” people like it was in 2014….It is crazy how fast things are changing and Im glad I jumped into this head first back when the industry had just started.”


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