Blood Red Total Lunar Eclipse this Weekend – May 15 & 16


This weekend just about everybody in the United States will have a view of a total lunar eclipse. Sunday night into Monday morning this first lunar event of 2022 is referred to as the “Flower Moon”.

This is the first of two lunar events in 2022, the second will take place in November.

This should be visible to almost everyone in the US, weather permitting.

All times provided are in Central time:

Begin penumbral eclipse: 8:32:05 p.m.

Begin partial eclipse: 09:27:52 p.m.

Begin totality: 10:29:03 p.m.

Maximum eclipse: 11:11:28 p.m.

End totality: 11:53:55 p.m.

End partial eclipse: 12:55:07 a.m.

End penumbral eclipse: 1:50:49 a.m.

Using times as provided by NASA…

The whole process will last almost 6 hours. The moon will slip into the Earth’s shadow beginning at 8:30 pm. At 9:30 pm the moon will be in the partial eclipse of the Earth’s umbral shadow, that is what will give the moon its red hue creating a “Blood Moon”. By 10:30 pm the moon will be a dark red in full eclipse. A maximum eclipse is expected just after 11:00 pm. The total eclipse should end at about 12:00 am, the partial eclipse at about 1:00 am, and the penumbral eclipse should wrap up just in front of 2:00 am.


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