Body of Local Boater Recovered at Wright Patman Lake


The body of a local boater has been recovered by local Game Wardens on the north shore of Lake Wright Patman. The boater’s wife and kids had backed the trailer into the water but her husband never returned to load the boat.

This is a tragic story that we hate to report. This horrific story involves a local family. We will not be releasing the man’s name out of respect to his immediate family, wife, and two children that were on the scene. They have other family members to notify. Our prayers are with them and all of those that were there this afternoon.

The incident was reported around 4:20 pm.

Witnesses report that the wife and kids had left the boat and that she had backed the trailer into the water at ramp 3 on Wright Patman Lake. Her husband never returned with the boat to load. Another local fisherman at the scene located the boat, but not him. Other local fishermen frantically began looking for the man. A witness reports that the children were taken from the scene before his body was located.

This drowning incident is under investigation, per Texas Game Warden Captain Shawn Hervey.


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