Bowie County Sheriff Comments on ‘Redwater School District Threats’


Bowie County Sheriff James Prince has commented on the rumors of a gun threat in the Redwater Texas School District, rumored to take place on Friday, February 16. His comment gives high praises to all of RISD.

Media Release:

We have been investigating the threats that were thought to be made about a possible shooting, at Redwater school, tomorrow. The Redwater ISD has been completely on top of this! There was a comment made earlier in the day, in which a high student made a comment about having guns at home. No actual criminal threat was ever made and that comment never mentioned anything about bringing the guns to the school. Just the same, the school took precautionary actions to protect the students at the school.
This evening, the word had spread by students and parents and as it went from one person to the next the content changed to where there was thought to be someone who was going to bring a gun to school, tomorrow.
After completing our investigation, we do not feel the children are at any danger from these reported threats, today. I applaud the Redwater ISD staff for taking the actions they have taken to protect their students!
Redwater has always been equal to the best school in Bowie County for caring for the welfare of their students!


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