Bridges on I-30 Between Mandeville and Fulton Damaged by Over-sized Load


Two bridges along the I-30 corridor that has been causing so many traffic issues with construction projects were recently struck by a piece of construction equipment being transported on a lowboy trailer. This could mean additional woes for travelers.

The two bridges that were damaged, are on MC 53 and MC 63 and traverse I-30 from old Highway 67 to farms on the other side of I-30. There are no on or off ramps to the bridges from the highway.

Currently, the bridges are still operational but reduced to one lane. We spoke to Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department Construction Engineer Will Cheatham and he told FYI…

The contractor working on the I-30 project was moving a large track hoe from one end of the project to the other end in the Eastbound lane. The track hoe was on a lowboy trailer, and they had not properly lowered the boom. The equipment struck the first bridge and the driver thought a tire had blown on the trailer, but after striking the second bridge it was discovered that the track hoe was hitting the bridges. We have made those bridges one lane and lowered the weight limit to 10 tons maximum. The state is currently looking at contractors that specialize in steel repair to repair the bridges. It is planned to conduct repairs when the current project is completed later this summer.

We also spoke with Miller County Judge Roy John McNatt, Jr., and he told us…

This is a state project and the damage was caused by their crews, so we are waiting to hear what the final plans to repair the bridges are. We are in the process of working out some alternative routes for the farmers in case those bridges have to be closed completely. We are going to make sure those folks are able to get in and out as easily as possible.

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