Charges Reduced from Murder to Manslaughter in Shooting Death


Such a tragic story for all involved in this terrible incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families. With more information today, charges for Kayden May, 18, have been reduced from second-degree murder to manslaughter in the death of his girlfriend, Abbigale Thacker, 18.

In a press release from TAPD:

Earlier today Kayden May’s charges associated with the shooting death of Abbigale Thacker were reduced from Murder 2nd to Manslaughter. Several factors are considered when charging an individual with a particular crime. After further investigation, interviews with several parties and consultation with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, it was determined that Manslaughter is a more appropriate charge for the circumstances of the shooting death of Abbigale Thacker.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department expresses our condolences to all affected by this tragedy. We pray for peace and healing in the days to come.


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