Be the Cheer – Local Lawn Service Lends a Helping Hand to a Stranger


A recent post on social media was a complaint of a neighbor’s yard being overgrown, and instead of piling on the negativity, one man took it upon himself to change the jeer by being the “cheer” and cutting the stranger’s grass.

A complaint was made that a neighbor had not cut their grass all year. In a time when a lot of folks seem to revel in the negative, the owner of Collin’s Lawn Care Service, Collin Carlisle, took it upon himself to find the house in question and cut that grass.

Collin said,

I saw the post on cheers and jeers and Bennie Dewitt also called me asking if I had the time to go do it and I didn’t even hesitate just cause the fact of the matter of the rude post made originally and felt in my heart to go mow it for her

The resident was not home at the time but she has made a lot of positive comments about Mr. Carlile on social media,

“I just want to take a moment and thank every single person that reached out to me about helping me with my yardwork, odds and ends around the house and any other thing you offered to help with. I am immensely grateful for every single kind word that was spoken to or about me!!! I don’t know a lot of you, but the thought is all that matters and the fact that so many people came together for little ole me has moved mountains in my book. There is no way I could name you all because there are so many but I wanted every single person to know how thankful I am♥️♥️”



He made sure to get the backyard too…


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