Christus Nurses from Texarkana and Atlanta Going into Hurricane Harvey [VIDEO]


A group of 13 nurses from both of the Christus Health System facilities in Texarkana and Atlanta are traveling into Hurricane Harvey to aid Christus health systems along the coast with relief in San Antonio, Texas.

Patients in Christus facilities along the Texas coastline have already been evacuated inland and with more Christus facilities in the direct path of Harvey, now a category 3 hurricane. 13 nurses with Christus Health System hospitals in Texarkana, Texas, and Atlanta, Texas have left to aid in hurricane relief at the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

With many hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and such, many facilities near San Antonio, Austin and further in have doubled their occupancy overnight. Harvey is expected to bring great damage from high winds, flooding from storm surge and heavy rains, and a lot of people displaced along the coastline, so the team is expecting to stay very busy. The nurses will stay at the hospital for a number of days.

These local nurses deserve recognition and our respect for their bravery and dedication to caring for others in a time of crisis. Our thoughts and prayers go with them as they spread their kindness and care to those that will need it most in this

Before boarding a jet to San Antonio, the group stopped for a group prayer.

CHRISTUS St. Michael is sending 13 nurses from both our Texarkana and Atlanta facilities to our sister health system in San Antonio, Texas, for hurricane relief. Please join us in praying for their safety and for the safety of those affected by #HurricaneHarvey. #Harvey2017 #weareHishands

Posted by CHRISTUS St. Michael on Friday, August 25, 2017


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