City Board of Directors to Consider Repeal of AP Tax Today


The Texarkana Arkansas City Board of Directors will be addressing a proposal to repeal the A&P Tax for restaurants and hotels in the city in a meeting that will be at 4:00 pm this afternoon and can be viewed via Zoom.

We spoke with Director Steven Hollibush about his proposal last week. Abolishing the tax would save local businesses by not charging additional taxes over the same type of businesses in Texarkana Texas.

The tax is to be used to fund advertising and promotions for the city. The city spends almost $130,000 of that annually with an out of town advertising agency, with many local groups making the claim that a lot of the funds are continually given to the same entities, with some of the money even being spent on out of state events.

To join the meeting you must register, here is the address…


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