Clusters of Invasive Giant Salvinia Plant Discovered in Millwood Lake


The extremely invasive Giant Salvinia plant has been discovered in a number of patches on Millwood Lake. Arkansas Game and Fish is asking for the help of local outdoorsmen to help control and hopefully eradicate the plant before it is too late.

Media Release:

If you find Giant Slavinia on Millwood Lake, or any other body of water in southwest Arkansas, please contact District Fisheries Supervisor, Eric Brinkman at the AGFC Hope Regional Office, 870-777-5580, immediately. Providing a GPS location of any identified sites would be best. All information provided will be kept confidential.

Giant Salvinia, a highly invasive aquatic plant, was discovered on Millwood Lake Monday, December 28th by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and US Army Corps of Engineers staff. Several small clusters of plants were collected near Jack’s Isle along Little River. However, a large mat has not been located at this time. The AGFC, USACE, and other agencies are working to determine the extent of the infestation, and to develop a strategy to either control or eradicate the plant from Millwood Lake, if possible. Expansion of this species will be catastrophic to fishing, hunting, and boating activities on Millwood Lake due to the dense and thick mats this fast growing, floating fern creates.


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