Country Star Jamey Johnson to Perform at Scottie’s Grill in Texarkana [VIDEO]


As a fan, I believe Jamey Johnson to be one of the biggest talents in Country Music today. A voice that is pure country with lyrics of a life that all of us have lived. The singer-songwriter will perform at Scottie’s Grill on Friday, November 10.

It seems to me that Jamey Johnson was obviously steeped in a lot of the artists I remember commanding radio airwaves early in my career. If you were to close your eyes when he sings, there is a good half dozen country legends that will come to mind among the likes of George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and some Haggard mixed in.

Raised on Country Music in Montgomery Alabama, Johnson left college after two years and served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, often entertaining fellow Marines with his original songs. Not long after, Johnson started playing in some bars around Montgomery and throughout Alabama, actually opening for David Allen Coe in one of his first paying gigs.

From there he began making contacts and friends in the industry that discovered Johnson’s talents for songwriting. Jamey has penned songs for the likes of George Strait, who received his 51st number one hit with “Give it Away“, Trace Adkins has recorded more than a few of his songs, reaching number one with “Ladies Love Country Boys” He has also written for stars like Willie Nelson, Joe Nichols, and many others with co-writing credits.

As for his singing, my favorite Jamey Johnson song and his biggest hit, came from his 2008 Album “That Lonesome Song“. “In Color” won Johnson the 2009 Academy of Country Music Award for Song of the Year.

Jamey Johnson will be performing at Scottie’s Grill on Friday, November 10. Tickets are available online or at Scottie’s Grill located at 8400 W. 7th Street in Texarkana, Texas.


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