Cowboy Daddy Protects Unconscious Son from Rampaging Bull with His Body [VIDEO]


A crazy video from a rodeo in Belton Texas is going viral for the display of love this cowboy’s daddy threw out into that arena when his son was knocked unconscious and the bull he was riding was about to stomp his son.

In the video originally posted to Instagram, Cody Hooks was knocked unconscious during his ride. While the bullfighters did their best to distract the bull, Cody wasn’t moving and his father, Landis Hooks, comes leaping into the arena and covers his son with his body to protect him. Though Cody was injured in his fall, him, his father, and the bull are doing great.

We know it’s only February, but Landis Hooks is head and shoulders above most for “Father of the Year”, in our books.


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