‘Egg My House’ – Friends for a Cause to Help the Easter Bunny Deliver Eggs


With so much going on, the Easter Bunny could use a helping-hand delivering those special eggs this year. That’s where the Friends for a Cause Foundation has stepped up to make sure those eggs are hidden when the little ones wake up on Easter Morning.

Friends For A Cause will prep, deliver and hide Easter Eggs in your yard the night before Easter. Your kids will wake up Easter morning to a yard full of eggs without you having to do any work.

Schedule your egging here… “PLEASE EGG MY HOUSE

How It Works:
24 eggs for $ 20
48 eggs for $35

When you submit your payment please add your address and phone number in the notes.
The eggs will be hidden in your front yard between 6 p.m. -10:00 p.m.

In the event of poor weather, eggs will still be delivered, but placed on your front porch or mailbox.
Please let your neighbors know that we will be coming around so they do not worry about our presence in your yard.

Schedule your egging here… “PLEASE EGG MY HOUSE

More information is posted on the Facebook Event Page.



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