Extremely Disturbing Footage of Morgan Angerbauer’s Death at Bi-State Jail Released


Morgan Angerbauer was only 20 years old and sick when she died on the floor of a Bi-State Jail cell. The nurse on duty was arrested and charged with misdemeanor negligent homicide in Miller County, Ark. The local newspaper has published video footage of the horrific events the led to Morgan’s death on YouTube.

From the YouTube Video Description:

Morgan Angerbauer was days away from her 21st birthday when she died July 1 of ketoacidosis in the Bi-State Justice Building jail in Texarkana. Morgan, an insulin-dependent diabetic, was arrested June 28 for allegedly violating the terms of her probation for a non-violent drug offense.
Although blood glucose monitoring in the days before her death repeatedly showed dangerously high levels of sugar in her blood, Angerbauer wasn’t taken to a hospital. On the evening of June 30, licensed vocational nurse Brittany Johnson allegedly refused to test Angerbauer’s sugar.
Shortly after 4 a.m. the morning of July 1, Johnson enters Angerbauer’s medical observation cell. Angerbauer is collapsed and unresponsive. Again and again Johnson pricks Angerbauer’s finger and attempts to acquire a blood pressure reading. But Angerbauer appears to slip deeper and deeper into an unconscious state, particularly after Johnson squeezes tubes of glucose, pure sugar, into the diabetic’s mouth.
Johnson lets more than 45 minutes pass from the time she discovers an incoherent Angerbauer on the floor of a cell just 20 feet from the nurse’s station before paramedics are summoned. When they arrive, it is too late.
Johnson has been charged with misdemeanor negligent homicide in Miller County, Ark. Angerbauer’s family has filed a civil lawsuit against LaSalle Corrections, the company that employed Johnson. But Morgan’s mother and father, Jennifer and Andy Houser, say no amount of money will ever bring their daughter back.

I watched the video and decided against posting it here on TexarkanaFYI.com… However, after a request to share it from Morgan’s mother, Jennifer Houser, we have added it here… please, this is a very disturbing thing to watch and cannot be unseen…


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