Financial Reality Fair at T.A.M.U. – Texarkana for Tuesday April 26


Texas A&M University – Texarkana, the PEP Program, and Red River Federal Credit Union have partnered for a Financial Reality Fair Tuesday April 26 inside Eagle Hall at 7101 University Avenue.

Press Release:

Red River Credit Union is partnering with TAMU-T and the PEP program to host a “Reality Fair” for the students who are part of the program.  Ms. Kimberly Bursey and myself will be facilitating this event.  The students will get transition between several 30 minute lecture sessions learning about Smart Borrowing, Insurance, Investing, Budgeting, and also the Reality Fair.  As the students go through the Reality Fair, they have the opportunity to gain helpful knowledge and skills that will empower them to take greater control of their personal finances.

Financial reality fairs are hands-on events that guide participants through the personal financial management process, including budgeting, saving and investing in a simulated real-world environment.  Each participant is given a budget sheet, which listed an occupation and a salary.  Federal income tax, social security, Medicare, and state taxes are subtracted, and the remainder is what the participant has to budget for the month.  Booths are set up to represent different expenses, and participants moved through the space and spent their allotted monthly income.  The financial reality fairs can be used in schools; in battered women’s shelters and other non-profits.  It can also be used in churches.  It can be used by small businesses.  It is for anyone who needs to understand, at a real, hands-on level, how to manage money,” stated Patricia Cunningham, Director of Marketing at Red River Credit Union.

“Many of these students think they will be living in the nicest home and driving the nicest vehicles, however that is what they aspire for, but not necessarily reality of where it all begins,” says Ms. Bursey. “The Reality Fair is a true reality check for these students.  They need to understand and be taught the importance of prioritizing expenses and realize that they can’t go out and buy a car first, they need to realize they must evaluate their wants vs needs above all.” Bursey continued.

The PEP program’s mission is to partner with area high schools to identify sophomores, juniors and seniors and encourage them through an engagement and college preparation program to ensure their successful transition to an institution of higher education.

It is based on the Kids at Hope basic principle that all children are capable of success — no exceptions. In order to achieve this success, children must have meaningful and sustainable relationships with caring adults and must be able to articulate a vision for their future.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Texas A&M University – Texarkana
Eagle Hall
7101 University Ave, Texarkana TX
8:30 Student Arrival
8:45 – 12:15  Financial Seminars/Reality Fair
(sponsored by Red River Federal Credit Union)


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