Free Photos with ‘Sensory Safe’ Santa on Sunday December 18


A special event for kids with Autism, or other sensory issues to meet and have pictures taken with Santa Claus on Sunday, December 18 at Texarkana Therapy Center located at 4824 McKnight Road. This is such a wonderful chance for the kids to play games and experience the magic of “Sensitive Santa”.

For the last five years, Texarkana Therapy Center has offered this special service. Many children have issues with noises, unfamiliar spaces, and smells, and then add the overwhelming excitement that can come from sharing your wish list with Santa himself. Well, this is an opportunity to get a great pic with the big elf himself and take plenty of time to do it.

Event Page:

Join us for our fifth annual Christmas event at Texarkana Therapy Center! The event is open to all of the Texarkana community. We will have FREE PICTURES WITH SANTA! Along with many Christmas games and holiday fun with our mascot SPOT. We are a pediatric therapy clinic and will have our therapy staff volunteering- there will be plenty of sensory-friendly spaces and therapists available to help any child with special needs. Come and join the holiday fun with us. We can’t wait to see you all!


Sensory sensitivity occurs when children or adults have a heightened sensitivity to any one of their senses. For example, a child or adult may be excessively bothered by noise, crowds, bright and flashing lights or strong scents. Did you know you have at least eight senses and not just five? Up to 33% of the population has a disability that make a person more likely to experience sensory sensitivity or sensory overload.


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